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Mechwarrior 2 :Mercenaries Cheats, Codes & Guides

Mechwarrior 2 :Mercenaries Cheats

  • Cheat Codes

    Entry location: Mechwarrior 2 :Mercenaries
    Code Description
    superfunkicalifragisexy Invulnerability
    iseenfireandiseenrain Unlimited Ammo
    ooohhhlllaaalllaaa Heat Tracking Off
    likethecomstarbaby Complete Mission
    crazysexycool Infinite Jump
    walkthisway Leading reticle
    flashyflashy Autogrouping (chooses weapons automatically for range)
    itsdabooomb Nuke target
    redjackandtikruls Destroy Target
    beholdmyglory Free Eye Mode
    ontimeeverytime Time compressed mode
    antijolt Time expansion
    bubbleboy Show bounding spheres
    wediditagain Show Credits
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  • 3DFX Version

    Entry location: To enable the cheats, hold down the CTRL + ALT + SHIFT keys and type in the code you want to use.
    su Toggle invincibility
    is Toggle unlimited ammo
    oo Toggle heat tracking
    it Nuke current target
    re Destroy current target
    in Jump jets
    cr Unlimited jump jet juice
    li End mission successfully
    be Free-eye mode

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