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Matt Hayes Fishing Cheats

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    Entry location: First, hit ~ to the console. Then type in any of the following cheats:
    pikemon - Level Finished
    powerup monsterbonus - Monsterbonus
    powerup twominute - Two More Minutes
    powerup fiveminute - Five More Minutes
    powerup silentcast - Silentcast
    powerup stealthboat - Stealthboat
    powerup powercast - Powercast
    powerup superpowercast - Superpowercast
    powerup shallowboat - Shallowboat
    powerup pikeflag - Pikeflag
    powerup bigpikeflag - Bigpikeflag
    powerup lunkerpikeflag - Lunkerpikeflag
    powerup skipcast - ????
    toggle manualcam - Move Cam Freely
    toggle fps - Enable FPS Stats
    bonusLure - ???
    metric - ???
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