Matt Damon tools up in new clip from Elysium: watch now

Elysium has released a brand new clip online, in which Matt Damon's rebel with a cause gets into a firefight with a security droid.

Set in a distant future, the film sees society divided along socio-economic fault lines into two camps. While the poor are left languishing on a ruined Earth, the wealthy enjoy the lap of luxury up on the space station Elysium.

With a plague steadily decimating the former group, Damon's character resolves to infiltrate Elysium to get the medical attention he requires. However, as this clip shows, security is pretty intense…

Take a look at the new clip, below…

Nice to get a glimpse of William Fichtner in action there, with his delivery of the line "they are armed and I'd like them dead", proving particularly enjoyable!

Directed by Neill Blomkamp and co-starring Jodie Foster, Sharlto Copley and Alice Braga, Elysium will open in the UK on 23 August 2013.


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