Mario Party Hits

Eight’s a crowd

To its credit, Mario Party 7 includes a mode for eight players, who must pair off into four teams of two and share the controllers. One player uses the left half, the other the right half, and chaos ensues - if anyone ever managed to gather eight willing Mario Party contestants. A rare family Christmas treat, perhaps, but we’ve never heard of anyone actually putting it to the test. Still, the option is there.

Super Mario Fushigi no Korokoro Party

Perennial Mario Party developers Hudson stepped aside in 2004 to allow Capcom’s arcade experts to produce this six-player coin-op effort, which combines multi-monitor gaming scenes with mechanical toys such as cranes and balls. It comes in an unfeasibly large cabinet that stands 2.5m tall and, at 2,000 watts of pure electric power, consumes 100 times as much energy as a human brain.


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