Mario Party DS Unlockables

  • Unlockables

    Expert CPU Difficulty Level - Complete Story Mode
    Triangle Twister Puzzle Mode - Complete Story M
    Submitted by rogue agent
  • Badges

    Bob-omb Rival badge - Earn 15,000 Mario Party points.
    Boo Rival badge - Earn 7,000 Mario Party points.
    Cheep Cheep Rival badge - Earn 5,000 Mario Party points.
    Daisy Master badge - Complete Story Mode with Daisy.
    Goomba Rival badge - Earn 1,000 Mario Party points.
    Luigi Master badge - Complete Story Mode with Luigi.
    Mario Master badge - Complete Story Mode with Mario.
    Mario Party DS Begginer badge - No need to unlock. You start with it.
    Monty Mole Rival badge - Earn 13,000 Mario Party points.
    Peach Master badge - Complete Story Mode with Peach.
    Scuttlebug Rival badge - Earn 3,000 Mario Party points.
    Shy Guy Rival badge - Earn 9,000 Mario Party points.
    Toad Master badge - Complete Story Mode with Toad.
    Toadette Friend badge - Earn 19,000 Mario Party points.
    Waluigi Master badge - Complete Story Mode with Waluigi.
    Wario Master badge - Complete Story Mode with Wario.
    Whomp Rival badge - Earn 11,000 Mario Party points.
    Wiggler Friend badge - Earn 17,000 Mario Party points.
    Yoshi Master badge - Complete Story Mode with Yoshi.
    Submitted by Bob Loblaw
  • Boss Trophies

    Entry location: Viewable in the gallery section
    Beaten Dry Bones - Beat Dry Bones 5 times
    Beaten Hammer Bro - Beat Hammer Bro 5 times
    Beaten Kamek - Beat Kamek 5 Times
    Beaten Piranha Plant - Beat Piranha Plant 4 times
    Bomb Seed - Beat Piranha Plant 3 times
    Bowser´s MegaMorph Belt - Beat Bowser once
    Delicious Durian - Beat Dry Bones twice
    Dry Bones´s Bone - Beat Dry Bones 4 times
    Electromagnetic Generator - Beat Bowser twice
    Enchanted Bookcase - Beat Kamek twice
    Hammer Bro´s Hammer - Beat Hammer Bro 4 times
    Jagged Leaf - Beat Piranha Plant once
    Kamek´s Blue Dictionary - Beat Kamek 4 times
    Kamek´s Brown Book - Beat Kamek 3 times
    Magic Switch - Beat Dry Bones 3 times
    Toadette´s Chair - Beat Hammer Bro once
    Toadette´s Piano - Beat Hammer Bro twice
    Toadette´s Timpano - Beat Hammer Bro 3 times
    Winner´s Ballon - Beat Piranha Plant twice
    Winner´s Pen - Beat Kamek once
    Yummy Lychee - Beat Dry Bones once
    Submitted by Bob Loblaw

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