Mario and Sonic clash at the Olympics

What about nationalities? The Olympics are all about the whole world, all the countries coming together to fight or whatever... well maybe not fight. Compete...

Perrin: You're a total game player. They annihilate, they annihilate.

Scott: The Olympics UFC.

Yeah... the characters this time, will they sport nationalities, will Mario be from Italy, Knuckles from Australia or something or will the real world countries take a backseat?

Scott: We'll answer the game-specific questions a bit further out, but you're right, nationalities do play a part of the Olympics. There will be a lot of freedom spread throughout the game design, freedom to play around with that kind of stuff.

Can you speculate as to when we'll actually see the game?

Scott: I think summer's probably a window we were looking at here, at least a couple of months. Screenshots are one thing, but we really want to show the innovation up close and personal, we'll want to do something a lot more official and give you guys some trigger time, start some fights between Mario and Sonic fans.

Do you know if you're going to be aiming for a four-player Wii Sports kind of thing or more two-player stuff?

Scott: (laughs) That's WAY too specific, way too specific. You're in the forbidden zone.

We'll take a step back then, but one more quicky: Who apologized for years of anger and name-calling first, Mario or Sonic?

Perrin: It was kind of a silent thing, both of them have too big of egos to do that, so we'll have to see how they get along.

Scott:I think they gave each other the "dude nod," silent acknowledgement. A very unspoken kind of communication.

So Mario gave the peace sign and Sonic did the thumbs up?

Perrin: Exactly.

March 28, 2007


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