Manhunt's grisliest executions

The five baddest gangs

Murder… The Hoods
Off-duty cops and street thugs. Disorganised idiots. Typical line: “I should have brought something to read. Hell, I should learn how to read.”

Butcher… The Skinz
White supremacist lunatics, who consider Cash to be mixed race. Typical line: “I can smell your tainted blood like rotten eggs.”

Shoot up… The Wardogs
Nerve-frazzled Vietnam vets and weekend warriors. Typical line: “Yep, I’m gonna snap his neck like a puppy dog’s leg.” Charming fellows.

Flee from… The Innocentz
Peyote-addled gang-bangers and giant-sized man-babies. Hang out in the shopping mall. Typical quote: “Diablo, give me the gringo’s eyes tonight.”

Shudder at… The Smilies
Lunatics that have taken over the asylum. Unique taste in body art. Typical quote: “Come on Barry, at least face me… we gotta talk about the kids.”

The four worst moments

Family fortunes
Starkweather’s kidnapped Cash’s family. Unfortunately, if he’s spotted by the Wardogs they’ll cap his dear old mum and dad without a second’s thought.

Push the button
In the second Smilies level, you need to lure Fug out of his hiding place… so fry the sap who’s strapped to the electroshock unit and wait for the maniac to totter over.

Video nasties
In Innocence Lost, Starkweather’s left you a little present… a videotape. Find a player, though, and it turns out that he hasn’t let your surviving family members go after all.

Follow the rabbit 
The white rabbit you’re following leads you into an ambush and the Cerberus want you dead… but once you’ve blown mister floppy-ears’ head off, it’s time for revenge.

Unlock the even more unpleasant stuff

Hard as nails
Get at least a three-star rating on five consecutive scenes and you’ll bag one of four minigames. Doing the first four levels gets you a nailgun battle against the Hoodz.

Monkey see, monkey die
Do levels 11-15 and you unlock the best bonus mission - the apes at the zoo have been driven mad by a banana shortage and now they’re packing shotguns.

Total garbage
Complete any level with a three-star ranking and you’ll earn a panel showing stuff that didn’t get into the game. Our favourite is Bin Bag, the boss of the unseen Lostgang.

Let’s eat
Sit it out until after the closing credits and there’s one last shock: a kids’ cookery program at the end of Cash’s snuff movie tape.

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