Manhunt's grisliest executions

Hasty… Hammer
Cash grabs the hunter by the head while simultaneously swinging the hammer hard into his temple. The hunter crumples to the floor like a sack of wet meat cuttings.

Violent… Hammer
Cash pounds the hammer into his victim's back, dropping him to his knees. He then bends his head backwards and finishes him with a hard over-arm strike to the face.

Gruesome… Hammer
Cash smashes the enemy in the stomach so he falls to his knees. Then he finishes the job by swinging the hammer upwards into his face. Even the sound effects are sickening.

Hasty… Baseball bat
Cash just bashes his enemy over the back of the head, and then finishes him off with a smash in the face. The camera gets smothered with blood - time for Cash to steal the base.

Violent… Baseball bat
Cash dishes out one in the spuds and makes the hunter reel over in pain. Then Cash finishes him off with a solid strike to the head, Robert De Niro in The Untouchables-style.

Gruesome… Baseball bat
Cash chokes the enemy from behind with the bat until the enemy falls semi-conscious. Cash then takes a step back and takes a huge swing at the enemy's head. It comes totally off.

Gruesome… Chainsaw
It takes a bit of setting up, but nailing a Cerberus guardsman with the game's final weapon sees Cash jam it downwards and directly through their skull. Oh dear God…


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