Manhunt's grisliest executions

Cash springs towards the enemy and stabs him in the neck with the sharp end of the crowbar. The enemy simply crumples onto the floor as the blood starts to spurt all over the place.

Cash swings and lodges the hooked portion of the crowbar in the enemy’s head, then kicks him away to free the crowbar - and probably comes away with a chunk of skull. Unpleasant.

Cash stabs the enemy in the back with the crowbar, then yanks it out and, as the enemy falls to his knees, jams it straight through his cranium and watches him drop. Awful.

Hasty... Machete
Cash slashes the enemy in his back, dropping him to his knees. Next he grabs him by the hair and chops away at his neck until his head’s severed. Just like opening up a coconut.

Violent… Machete
Cash chops the hunter twice in the chest before finishing the job by hacking away at his neck until his head comes off. Now throw it into a corner to distract his little friends.

Gruesome… Machete
Cash nails the enemy with a powerful chop to the torso and then hacks away at his neck until his head falls off. The downside is, anyone finding the head will go on super-alert. Not surprising, really.

Hasty… Sickle
Cash gouges his victim in the head and then finishes him off by slashing him in the back. You’d think he’s be dead after the first bit, but you might as well be careful, right?

Violent… Sickle
Cash goes for a classic lob shot and hooks the unfortunate hunter in the unmentionables... then pauses for a second before ripping the sickle free. It’s impossible to watch without wincing.

Gruesome… Sickle
Cash grabs the enemy’s face and pulls the hunter back as he stabs him in the stomach and guts him. Then he wrenches the sickle out and the foe drops to the floor. As you would.


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