Manhunt 2

[Editor’s note: Our sister mag from the UK, NGamer was lucky enough to review the Wii version of Manhunt 2 before it was banned outright. But don’t worry though, as soon as Rockstar works out all the kinks, we’ll kindly review the final version. But for now, direct your eyes towards the review of the game you’ll never play.]

Manhunt 2 is one of the best games on Wii. The astonishing level of brutality is an integral part of the experience, and probably the aspect that delighted fans and appalled detractors alike will focus on, but there’s a lot more to it than just digital blood.

The opening level, in the chaotic hospital, acts as a tutorial for Manhunt’s two gameplay staples - staying in the shadows and creeping up behind people. Being spotted at the start results in getting splattered with bodily fluids from other inmates, which is a strong incentive for staying out of sight. Although not as strong as the prospect of being beaten to death, which is what will happen later.

When you’re safely in the shadows, the health bar turns blue and you can’t be seen. Enemies might stumble into you if you’re unlucky, and sometimes they’ll get suspicious and peer into the gloom, at which point you’ll have to hold the remote as still as possible to avoid being rumbled. But a patch of shadow is almost always a sanctuary.

There are weapons all over the place, from obvious candidates such as crowbars, power tools, sledgehammers and sickles, to the more creative likes of pencils, slivers of glass and plastic bags. With a suitable item equipped, you lock on and stalk your prey.


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