MAG 2 sighted on Walmart website

Sequel to PS3-exclusive shooter likely MAG 1 with PlayStation Move support

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MAG 2 for the PlayStation 3 has been sighted on Walmart’s website for $59.82 US dollars with the option to preorder the game for a release on January 25, 2011, suggesting that a sequel is on the way. While we wouldn’t be surprised if developer Zipper Interactive has plans for an upcoming sequel, the January 2011 release date doesn’t seem realistic…

Above: Is it just a random error? Or can we expect to see the original MAG with PlayStation Move support early next year?

Beta testing for an upcoming MAG update, which will include PlayStation Move support launched earlier in August – and Zipper Interactive announced that MAG would be compatible with Move by this Autumn. While the listing for MAG 2 on Walmart’s website could just be a random error, we think that the listing could indicate that we can expect to see the original MAG re-released with PlayStation Move support in January, 2011.

Source: WalmartCVG

Sep 10, 2010