Mafia 2 Wanted Poster guide

Wanted Posters in this district:

Wanted Poster 50

Around the middle of Chinatown, there's a large, alleylike walkway that cuts across the center of the district; here's what it looks like from the street on the eastern side.

Walk on in and keep an eye out to the north. You'll see the next poster close to the eastern entrance, near some completely unnecessary fences.

Wanted Poster 51

This one's pretty easy to spot, if you're looking for it; it's right next to a phone booth.

Wanted Poster 52

You'll find this on the eastern fence of the park, near its northern edge. Look for it behind the shrubs.

Wanted Poster 53

The next poster's in the corner of a dingy industrialcourtyard, protected by a couple of concrete barriers.

Wanted Poster 54

Look for a newsstand in a little parking lot on the south side of the street, sitting under a huge painted sign for Master Beer.

Duck around behind it, and you'll find your next poster.

Wanted Poster 55

This one's at the top of a set of stairs leading out of the restaurant. Incidentally, they're the same stairs Vito and Joe use to leave the restaurant in Chapter 13, so that's as good a time as any to grab it.

Wanted Poster 56

Chinatown's last poster is in a little alleyway underneath the elevated tracks.

East Side

Wanted Posters in this district:

Wanted Poster 8

Look down thisshrub-lined alleyway, and you'll see the next poster stuck to the side of a railway support column.

Wanted Poster 9

Another one hiding in plain sight, you'll find this one on a wall just up the street from a clothing shop.

Wanted Poster 10

This one's around the back of the body shop, whose icon you can see in the map above. Kick open the huge metal gates next to it to let yourself in.

Wanted Poster 11

A little to the west of this underpass, you'll see a big stone staircase that leads up to a pedestrian walkway. Check out the area just to the right of it.

Your next poster is waiting, plastered to the staircase's southern wall.

Wanted Poster 12

This one's not too hidden, but it's far enough off the street that you might not notice it anyway. It's on the stone wall at the back of the little parking area pictured below:

Wanted Poster 13

Follow the elevated railway south, and eventually you'll see a couple of brick buildings that form a little archway:

Head through it and look to the left, and you'll see the next poster.

Wanted Poster 14

For the next poster, search the large parking lot at the northwest corner of this shopping area.

You'll see the next poster on a warehouse wall, partly hidden by the shadows.

Wanted Poster 15

Head out to the center of the park and down its massive stone stairs, and then turn around in the bigcourtyard until you see these columns. Head over to them.

On the western face of the westernmost column, you'll find the next poster.

Wanted Poster 16

This one's in a little alley protected by a gate. Kick it down and claim your poster.

Wanted Poster 17

Just north of where you found poster 16 is a large walkway with this staircase, which leads down to (the closed door of) a bar. The next poster is down there, just visible behind the railing.

West Side

Wanted Posters in this district:

Wanted Poster 78

Inthe little concrete parking lot pictured below, you'll see a little alley protected by another gate. If you've read this far, you probably already know you should open it.

Once you've entered the alley, look for the poster on the wall to your left.

Wanted Poster 79

Another poster hiding more or less in plain sight, this one sits just behind a short chain-link fence next to a newsstand.

Wanted Poster 80

Just northwest of the gas station, look for this walkway, which leads to a scenic overlook. Your focus, however, should be on that pile of coal there. Walk past it.

Turn around when you get to the railing, and you'll see your next poster hidden behind a wall.

Wanted Poster 81

Another one that's not too difficult to spot if you know what to look for, this poster's accessible through the alley pictured below, which you'll find just north of the red arrow on the map above.

Head down the alley and you'll see the next poster in a nook on the far side. Simple as that.

Wanted Poster 82

A short distance north of where you found poster 80, you'll see this alleyway, with a wooden fence at the end. Head in there and look right.

Once you've passed the first corner, you'll see the next poster on a wall to the north.

Wanted Poster 137

Keep your eyes peeled for this alley, which sits next to a charming luncheonette and leads to a loading dock.

After the alley dumps out into the loading-dock courtyard, turn left and look for the next poster by the dumpster and partial fence.

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