Mafia 2 Wanted Poster guide

Wanted Posters in this district:

Wanted Poster 134

At the end of the southwestern-most road up there, you'll enter a large, open lot. Dash across to the western side and get ready to hang a right.

Look northeast once you reach the far end of the lot, and you'll see the next poster on this wall:

Wanted Poster 135

After climbing the fence and entering this big shipping depot, run south until you see a couple of weathered wooden shacks built onto red-brick buidlings.

Turn west, and you should see this "alley" in front of the shacks. Run up to the space in between them.

You'll find the next poster on the shack's western wall.

Wanted Poster 136

From the street, you cansee a chain-link fence blocking off an ugly-looking courtyard. Head over to it and let yourself in through the gate.

Once you're past the fence, face northwest and you should see the next poster in the far corner.

Wanted Poster 138

You can find the next poster hidden behind a railing next to this apartment building's lower entrance.

Wanted Poster 139

If you stand under the elevated tracks just east of the red arrow above, you'll be able to see a big, open alleyway stretching to the west. Run through it until you see this fence.

When you reach the fence, turn right, and then right again past the dumpster. The next poster will be stuck on a fencepost.

Wanted Poster 140

If you walk south along the big stretch of road just west of the red arrow above, you'll see what looks like a giant alley to the east. Run down it...

... and jump the first fence you come to, which should be on your right.

Jump the next fence just south of it, and the next poster is yours.


Wanted Posters in this district:

Wanted Poster 142

Standing on the street to the south of the red arrow above, look north and you should see a big courtyard underneath the elevated tracks. Run in there.

As you're heading north, you'll see this little alley to your right. Enter it.

Turn left at the first corner, and you'll see the next poster.

Wanted Poster 143

This one's hiding in plain sight just under a red brick arch, but it's kind of hard to see because of the other, non-collectilbe posters all around it.

Wanted Poster 144

Head south through the archway that poster 143 was under, and you'll see the next poster on the wooden fence to your right.

Wanted Poster 145

This one's in a dingy alleyway just off the road that runs past the port. The easiest time to find it is near the beginning of Chapter 12, as it's where you'll meet Bruno, the loan shark. After you've met with him, search the alley for a small wooden fence in a dark alcove.

Right next to it is the next wanted poster.

Wanted Poster 146

To find this one, you'll need to start at the street corner just above the red arrow (the one with the tracks running over it). It should look like this:

Run to where the orange arrow above is pointing and turn left before you get to the railing, and you should see a pile of coal at the far side of the courtyard. Just to the left of it is your next wanted poster.

Wanted Poster 147

Look for this support pillar on the north side of the street; the next poster is on its north face, hidden from street view.

Wanted Poster 156

At the corner to the left of the red arrow above, you'll find this grandiose building. Head up the stairs, to the right of the sculpture.

Keep running along the walkway, and you'll find the next poster on the wall at the end.


Wanted Posters in this district:

Wanted Poster 119

Head south along the pier shown above, and near the end you'll see a wooden shack just north of a giant crane. The next poster's on its southern side.

Wanted Poster 120

To find this one, you'll have to head to the south end of the pier above to find the entrances for the massive warehouse. Once you're in, look northwest and climb the staircase against the far wall.

Keep running straight after you get to the second floor, and you'll see the next poster on your left, hiding next to some crates.

Wanted Poster 121

You can find the next poster on a warehouse balcony overlooking a courtyard.

Wanted Poster 122

Head to the eastern edge of the Port district and turn around. You'll see the next poster glued to the east wall of this long building:

Wanted Poster 123

You know the big fenced area full of crates that's on your right as you enter the docks to go see Derek? Run toward it and skirt around the walkway on the right.

Just after you turn the corner around the back of the fence, you'll see the next poster stuck to a crate on your left. Jump the fence to grab it.

Wanted Poster 124

This one's not too difficult; just head to the southwestern edge of the pier shown above, and look north. The poster's hidden on some crates stacked next to a pile of lumber.

Wanted Poster 125

Unless you've been exploring Empire Bay independent of the story, you probably didn't even know the city had a lighthouse. It's at the southeastern edge of the Port district, accessible via a long, narrowpier.

Make the trek out to the lighthouse, and you'll be rewarded with another poster, this time stuck to the side of its entrance.

Wanted Poster 126

Around the spot indicated above, you'll see a small, dilapidated-looking warehouse. Run around behind it.

If you can keep from staring at the patchy woodwork under your feet here, you'll see the next poster stuck to the back of the warehouse.

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