Mafia 2 Wanted Poster guide

Wanted Posters in this district:

Wanted Poster 58

You'll find the next wanted poster at the end of a long, wooden-fenced alley.

Wanted Poster 59

Look for this dumpster-filled courtyard right next to the street, and let yourself in through the large gates on its east side before running for the courtyard's southwest corner.

Turn around when you reach the wall, and the next wanted poster should be staring you in the face.

Wanted Poster 60

Just a couple buildings to the west of the gun shop, you'll find a little alleyway protected by a metal gate. Open it, and you'll find the next poster on the wall to your right.

Wanted Poster 61

Just across the street from the Hill of Tara pub is an alleyway; follow it until it dumps out into a courtyard, then turn right. The next poster is hiding behind the half-full dumpster.

Wanted Poster 62

Follow this quaint waterfront boardwalk south, and you'll find the next wanted poster to your right - again, partly hidden by a dumpster.

Wanted Poster 75

The next one's in another alley protected by a metal gate, with a grassy hill leading down on its far side. Turn around when you reach the hill, and you'll see the next poster on a garage door.

Wanted Poster 76

Another alley just off the street holds the next wanted poster; duck down it and turn left, and you'll find it.

Wanted Poster 77

Just to the right of the phone-booth icon on the map above is an alley that leads to an elaborate network of other alleys; follow it and then turn right at the first corner.

Turn right again at the dumpster, and you'll be in a little courtyard; the wanted poster's on the far wall.


Wanted Posters in this district:

Wanted Poster 18

Head to the corner marked by the red arrow above, and you'll see this blue-gray house next to a phone booth.

Head through the shrubs and look around the back of the house, and you should be able to find the next poster easily.

Wanted Poster 19

Just across the street from where you found poster 19, you'll see this green-and-red house. Head for the gap between the garage and the house proper.

In between them, on the garage wall, you'll find the next poster.

Wanted Poster 20

Look for this one on the side of a house at the southwest corner of the three-way intersection pictured above, just south of the burger icon.

Wanted Poster 21

The next poster's on the back of an upscale house just north of Villa Scaletta. Look for this house and head around to the back:

Once there, look on the southern end of the deck and you'll find what you're looking for.

Wanted Poster 22

Keepan eye out for this blue-gray three-story house; once you find it, head for the porch.

The next wanted poster is waiting for you on the eastern wall of the porch; go ahead and grab it.

Wanted Poster 23

At the end of the cul-de-sac pictured above, you'll see a blue house with a few cars parked out front. The next poster is on the south wall of its garage.

Wanted Poster 24

This one's located on the northernmost wall of the lasthouse on the right, assuming you're driving south through the neighborhood Villa Scaletta is in.

Wanted Poster 25

Just across the street from the suburban gas station is this huge, three-story blue house. Check out its southern wall to score another poster.

Wanted Poster 57

Just west of the body shop above is a little alleyway; check behind the loaded dumpster for your next poster.

Hunters Point

Wanted Posters in this district:

Wanted Poster 42

If you stand just south of the bridge's support arch and look to the east, you'll see an alleyway that runs between a shoddy-looking apartment building and a little shack. Head down it.

Run a distance down the alley, and the next poster will be facing you from a wall to your left.

Wanted Poster 46

A short distance south of where you found poster 42, you'll see a small, rickety-looking wooden staircase. At the top of it is your next poster.

Wanted Poster 47

Head down the dirt road to the west of where you found poster 42, and you'll find what appears to be a ramp (yes, you can jump your car off it, and yes, it's awesome). Look just behind it, however, and you'll see that it's balanced against a little abandoned shack.

Look inside the shack's open door, and you'll find the next poster.

Wanted Poster 49

At the west end of the dirt road, you'll find this dingy-looking apartment building. Find a staircase and climb up to the top floor, andbe careful who you shove out of your way going up; the area's crawling withrival gangsters, and you may have a gunfight on your hands if you're too pushy.

At the north end of the top floor - right next to the staircase - you'll find the next wanted poster.

Wanted Poster 158

Just south of the east-west dirt road, you'll pass a row of two-story houses on your left. Check the alleyway marked below, and you'll find the next poster on the right.

Wanted Poster 43

Further south, in a busier part of the neighborhood, you'll see a little fenced-in courtyard with a crappy-looking shack. Head over to it.

You'll find the next poster on the shack's southern wall.

Wanted Poster 44

The next poster's in a wide, long alleyway on the eastern side of the road that runs under the elevated tracks. Head to the end of it, toward the shack that's built against the stone wall.

Once you reach it, you'll find the next poster next to its door.

Wanted Poster 45

To find the next poster, look for this huge apartment house just to the north of the bridge. Head around to the back of it.

Once you're back there, you should see the poster hidden on a west-facing wall.

Wanted Poster 48

In the area indicated above, look around until you see the apartment building pictured below. You're going to head up to its top floor. Again, be careful who you shove out of your way going up the stairs.

Once you've reached the top floor, look around for this outdoor hallway. The next poster is waiting for you there.

Wanted Poster 141

This one's almost visible from the street. You'll find it at the north end of the alley shown below, past a dumpster and a loading dock.

Wanted Poster 157

Head south on the street that runs alongside the docks, and you'll eventually see this alleyway on your right:

Take a right and head down it, and you'll see poster 157 on your left, partially hidden by a jutting wall.

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