Mafia 2 Wanted Poster guide

Wanted Posters in this district:

Wanted Poster 148

This one's another bastard to get to, but nowhere near as tough as 63 was. If you're keeping a sharp eye out for it, you'll probably see it behind a fence right next to this tunnel:

To actually get to it, though, you'll need to turn right and head up the road until you reach the end of the fence.

Then, after you've hopped the guardrail, you can look forward to a medium-length jog back down the hill to retrieve the poster, after which you'll have to run back up to get out.

Wanted Poster 149

Right across the street from Vito's first real apartment, you'll find a small alley with a coal pile, protected by a gate. Open the gate, and then look for the next poster on your left.

Wanted Poster 150

At the corner to the southwest of where you found poster 149, look around for a coal pile. Past it is a metal gate you should run toward and open.

Once past it, run straight and hang a left toward the low, rusty-looking fence.

Look on the other side of it, andyou'll find the next poster.

Wanted Poster 151

About a block south of the last poster location, look for this alley next to a grassy hill. Run to where the arrow's pointing, and then turn left.

You'll find the next poster at the end of a long alley, plastered to a low wall.

Wanted Poster 152

See the curve in the road just southwest of the red arrow above? If you go there, you'll find that the road is at the top of a big, grassy hill. Head down it.

At the bottom, you'll find the next poster on your left, right next to a short fence.

Wanted Poster 153

Check out this alley with the staircase, across the street from the police station. You'll find the next poster along the southern wall.

Wanted Poster 154

Just southeast of where you found poster 153, you'll see a stone staircase that leads up to a hugeconcrete walkway and a couple of huge buildings. Check the eastern face of the bigger one to the west, and you'll find the next poster.

Wanted Poster 155

The easiest way to find the next poster is to start by heading through the big stone archway next to Diamond Motors. Once you're through, take a sharp left to enter a long alley.

Keep your eyes peeled to the right, and eventually you'll see this boarded-up bookstore. The next poster is on the wall, waiting.


Wanted Posters in this district:

Wanted Poster 1

To find the actualfirst wanted poster, look for the tracks just north of the body shop, which should have a train sitting idle on them. Head into the "alley" between the train and the building just north of it.

Near the end of the wall, you'll find the poster.

Wanted Poster 2

Head around the back of the train station and down the farthest-left set of stairs. Then, once you're on the platform, look under the archway behind the staircase to find the (numerically) second wanted poster.

Wanted Poster 3

Near the riverside, you'll find this little courtyard near a warehouse. Head toward the garage adjoining that warehouse.

You'll find the next poster on its southern wall.

Wanted Poster 4

Head northeast from the train platforms until you reach what looks like a giant water tower. The next poster is nearby, on a bridge support column adjacent to a little shack.

Wanted Poster 5

Just south of the gas station is what looks to be a six-car garage; look on its eastern wall, and you'll find the next poster.

Wanted Poster 6

Let yourself in through the gates at the north end of the Motril Glo compound and charge south until you arrive at the downard ramp below. Once you do, turn right and head into the alley we've marked; the next poster will be on the wall to your right.

Wanted Poster 7

This one's just across the compound from where you found poster 6. Head out of the alley and past the ramp, and you'll see a dumpster full of debris next to the white building below. The poster is hiding just behind it.

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