Maelstrom - hands-on

Unfortunately, the Remnants seem to have been left out when it comes to exciting new play styles. Composed of a rag tag group of survivors, the Remnants are left holding the bag of the by the book faction that plays like armies in most other real-time strategy games. But that doesn’t mean that storming an enemy base with a ton of tanks and infantry isn’t fun. As the most well rounded of the three factions, the Remnants are equipped with a wide array vehicles, and special weapons that can evaporate water created by the Hai-Genti and melt ice blocks created by the Ascension.

Fully destructible environments are now common in most real-time strategies, but you’ve never been able to flood the map, evaporate lakes, or freeze foes in giant blocks of ice until now. If you’re looking for new play styles that will break the stale mold of more traditional real-time strategies, do yourself a favor and keep an eye on Maelstrom. In the meantime, flex your index finger and click on the Images tab above for more delicious details about this promising title.


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