Madden NFL 08 - hands-on

And while men of strategy are stroked with glittering military hardware, men of beauty are stroked with motion-captured gruesomeness and grace. You'll peep some new visual confections: airborne beast-on-beast thuds, four-man gangland tackles, gazelle receivers hurdling over the desperate clamping arms of ball-hungry safeties, and hero-diving touchdown catches. And because everyone loves to see monsters do the Monster Mash (it's a graveyard smash), happy and proud celebration dancers like Dante Hall and Chad Johnson will gyrate for you and your children.

Now if you've got children, we know you've considered selling them, or maybe trading them. Well at least now you can sell and trade snarling grown males. Franchise mode is back, the team-owner simulation which has you lead your brigade through the decades; handle those finances, rework your coach's brain. And if a sobbing steroid-ridden manchild of greed pleads for higher salary, we've got a horse you could decapitate, and we know how to sneak into his bedroom.

If being Don Corleone with humongous shoulder pads doesn't make your tail spasm, then maybe you're the hound who howls for big victory? The elaborate Ring of a Champion reward scheme floods your television trophy hall with your big cups, your authentic SuperBowl rings, and your further assorted man-jewelries. When clashing against online rivals, ya'll can wager your shiny-ass pinky rangs. Ya dig? (Ahem. For you Raiders and 49ers fans: Yadadimean?)

Madden is gonna bling us all out in August, so consult us for the review.


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