MACH - updated look

Gameplay is split into two main categories. The first is traditional track-racing, with the added benefit of collectible weapons. It’s the second, dogfighting mode that really impresses though, with small, plane-packed arenas ensuring a constant stream of kills and explosions. Between races, money earned from winning career events can be spent upgrading your aircraft’s appearance and performance - this season’s wing and tail decals of flames and snakes are an absolute must.

Multiplayer is amply catered for too, with wireless play for up to eight racers at once and a much welcome game-sharing mode completes the package.

As out-and-out arcade titles go, MACH should be a decent little timewaster and could well give Sega’s forthcoming PSP-only title Afterburner: Black Falcon a well-placed air-to-air missile right up the tailpipe. No official US release date has been announced but check back often for updates.


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