Available on: N64

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Lylat Wars Cheats

  • Funny Voices

    On the main menu, go to Language, select English and go to lylat instead of English and when people talk it will sound like
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Lylat Wars Hints

  • Accomplish Missions (hints)

    To accomplish Sector x, get turbo lasers and destroy boss before slippy goes forward and says 'let me handle this'
    To accomplish sector y, finish level with your enemy kill total above 100
    To accomplish asteroid field, go through all the gates which are circles of blue triangles pointing inwards
    To get medal on Fortuna, destroy starwolf BEFORE 1 minute timer appears. To accomplish, destroy starwolfbefore time runs out
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  • Finish Level 1 (Hint)

    Make sure you save Falco first. You must have Falco with you for this to work Then when you come to the water section go through all of the arches. Finally follow Falco through the waterfall to fight a special boss and accomplish the mission.
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