Lost Planet - special multiplayer demo

But back to those two maps. The one you get for free when you download the demo is called Pirate Fortress and, like most things in Lost Planet, it's blanketed in a thick layer of snow. There's so much of the soft white stuff, in fact, that your character will often be wading armpit deep in it. Luckily, you're not the only one half-buried... take even a cursory glance around the battlefield and you'll notice at least three or four of those fancy VS mechs with your name potentially written all over them. With so many of the machines lying around for the taking, matches on Pirate Fortress inevitably become giant robot fights. This is not a bad thing.

Above: The Pirate Fortress map, included for free with the Lost Planet multiplayer demo.

However, if you've already played the single player demo for Lost Planet (also free on Xbox Live), you've already seen Pirate Fortress. It was the second available level... the one with all the rundown brick buildings and blue Jawas firing lasers at you. C'mon, you remember.

So while the addition of a bunch of real-life human opponents, split into competing red and blue teams, certainly creates a new experience, you've been here before. It's not technically new.



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