Lost Planet secrets revealed

We were lucky enough to have Lost Planet's Jun Takeuchi (producer) and Kenji Oguro (director) drop by our offices last week. Before we let them go, we begged them to share a few of their favorite tricks and secrets with us. Boy, did they deliver.

Hidden taunts (including the truly humiliating ass slappery below), swinging a full 360 degrees on your grapple... and more. These have never seen the light of day outside Capcom's offices, and now we're bringing them directly to you for use in your online arsenal of ownage.

Just click on the orange Movies tab above, launch the video player and look for the video labeled "Lost Planet - developer tricks 01-19-07." Then get ready to melt some ice - and faces - over Xbox Live.

Above: Take a whiff of this - ur dead n00bz

If it's the single player you're having trouble with, check out our cheats page. Or, better yet, absorb our complete expert guide to every level in Lost Planet. This thing is massive, comprehensive and will get you through whatever teeth-gnashing moment you're stuck on. Trust us.

January 19, 2006


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