Lost Planet - multiplayer map EXCLUSIVE

Although we only came across two of these robots, they tended to dominate the match. Whoever had the VS would find a commanding seat in the central square and simply wait for victims to emerge from the fog-shrouded spawning tunnels below. Because of this lopsided advantage, even individual deathmatches transformed into "king of the hill" competitions where players would strike temporary alliances with each other in order to topple the current tyrant.

The look, the sound, the layout - everything about Dark Town is different from the familiar Pirate Fortress and Dilapidation maps. See for yourself by clicking on the Movies tab above, opening the video window and watching the one titled "Lost Planet - Dark Town multiplayer map 12-12-06."

This variety has us pretty confident that Lost Planet will provide a robust 360 multiplayer experience, one that can join the mega-popular ranks of Gears of War or Rainbow Six Vegas. We'll know for sure when we sample each and every one of the multiplayer maps and modes later this week.

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