Lost Planet demo for Thanksgiving

Sure, you could spend this Thanksgiving eating turkey, watching sports or - if you're really desperate - spending time with family. But now you've got a much better option. Capcom announced today that it will release a new playable demo for Lost Planet over Xbox Live on November 23.

While the single-player looks very promising, it's Lost Planet's multiplayer that has us willing to brave the cold. So you'll be happy to hear that it's the multiplayer that you'll be digging into after digging into that pumpkin pie. The available map is called "Pirate Fortress," but while it will be sure to include plenty of snow and ice, we're afraid you won't be fragging any actual pirates.

You can also sample a second multiplayer area if you're willing to preorder the game, so help yourself decide whether you want it or not by reading all of our coverage, checking out our screens or watching some of our exclusive videos.

November 10, 2006


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