Loitering in The Warriors

Robbin' Hood

The Warriors have kind of a weird relationship with the homeless guys who stagger around Coney at night. The bums get hired for target practice during initiations, trading health and dignity for booze, and the Warriors won't hesitate to beat or rob the bums for what little they have. But when a homeless dude asks them for money, they really come through.

Above: Trust us, Rudy needs that register more than some fancy small-business owner who relies on it for their livelihood does

Example: one of the bums, a wino named Rudy, wants to see his old Army sergeant before the guy dies, but he's lost his train fare. Maybe he was robbed, or maybe it just never existed in the first place. In any case, he needs a hundred bucks in five minutes, and guess who has to give it to him?

Don't grumble - this is harder than it sounds, but it's still fun, as it means smashing headlong into every shop, car and pedestrian you see and stealing whatever isn't nailed down as quickly as possible. Succeed, and Rudy will happily "take a train" to see his "sergeant" at the nearest "liquor store." Fail, and he'll be sad. You wouldn't want him to be sad… would you?

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