Live-action Skyrim trailer reminds us that (the game's) winter (release) is coming

So you've read the previews, looked over the list of cool things we found, and looked at every screenshot you could find of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. There couldn't possibly be anything else to experience before Skyrim comes out in just a few weeks, right? Wrong. Today, Bethesda released a live-action trailer for the game with shockingly high production value. It's like they snuck onto the set HBO's Game of Thrones and shot the trailer in secret.

And there's a dragon, too, so you know it's good.

So, what do you think? Is this what we should expect from The Elder Scrolls series as we approach the next-generation of consoles? Or maybe this is Bethesda's attempts to woo movie studios into signing on for a live-action film adaptation of the incredibly popular RPG franchise. Either way, November 11 can't come soon enough - we can't wait until it's us standing toe-to-toe with that dragon, even if we're going to be handling it with much less tact and subtlety than that loser. Seriously, why is he just standing there? He should be strafing around the dragon while shooting arrows and fire at it and stuff. What a newbie.