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Line of Sight: Vietnam Cheats, Codes & Guides

Line of Sight: Vietnam Cheats

  • Various Cheats

    Entry location: Press the ~ key during gameplay to bring up the console then enter a code below and press ENTER to activate the cheat
    /cheatcheat - activate cheats
    /fly - flight mode
    /ac - Max out ammo, invincibility & flight mode
    /invis - Invisibility
    /ammo - Max out ammo
    /godmode - Invincibility
    /winmission - Win the mission
    /losemission - Lose the mission
    /fovs - FOV render for enemy
    /hitlermode - Hitler mode
    /arrival - Toggle Arrival point render
    /astar - Toggle astar path render
    /stats - ????
    /noint - ????
    /wpdraw - ????
    /wpcondraw - ????
    /give - ????
    /pathdraw - ????
    /cvdraw - ????
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