LIMBO coming to PSN

Award winning indie title shows up on Korean Rating Board via Sony

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There aren’t a lot of games that GamesRadar awards a 10-out-of-10 review score. But LIMBO joined  the perfect score club, with the likes of God of War 3, StarCraft II and Portal 2, when the platformer/puzzler released on Xbox LIVE last July. Now, it looks like LIMBO’s ready to share some artsy indie love with PlayStation 3 owners via PSN nearly one year after the mesmerizing masterpiece originally launched.

News of the platformer’s jump to the PS3 comes from the Korean Rating Board via GameSetWatch, which claims that Sony Computer Entertainment Korea has rated the game as 15+. While world of the possibility of LIMBO making its way to PSN soon isn’t surprising, it sure is welcome. What did you think of LIMBO and its film noir-ish art style? Was it as incredible as we said it was in our review?

Jun 29, 2011