LEGO Star Wars II - Best Characters

Track down Han Solo

During the final Bounty Hunter mission you're asked to go on the look-out for the loveable rogue, Han Solo. He's somewhere in the Rebel base on Hoth and here's how to find him…

Step 1… Build an explosive
Head to the door on the right and a load of rocks will fall from the ceiling. Use the Force to turn this debris into an explosive that will blow the door open.

Step 2… Turn up the heat
Run down the corridor and build up the heat generator at the end. Shoot it with your blaster three times and wait for the ice to melt and clear a passage.

Step 3… The shootout
Head into the next room and go to the far end, where you'll find another heater. Push it down to melt the ice and take out the stormtroopers in the room.

Step 4… Rebuild the cart
Walk up the curvy path and turn right at the crossroads. Destroy all the crates and walk through the side room. Rebuild the explosive cart and hop onto it as it moves.

Step 5… You've got him
As the cart rides around the track you need to leap off it as it approaches the right-hand alcove. Here you'll find Han Solo and complete the Bounty missions.

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