LEGO Star Wars II - Best Characters

Play as… Lobot
Complete Episode V, Chapter Six and purchase for 11,000 studs. This useful drone can pull all levers to access locked areas but he's crap at dishing out a beating - he only has a melee attack.

Play as… Han Solo (Hood)
Complete Episode V, Chapter Two and buy for 20,000 studs. With his winter jacket buttoned and his hood on, Han stays warm while being cool. The hood goes when its time for a helmet, though.

Play as… Boba Fett
Complete Episode VI, Chapter Two and purchase for 175,000 studs. The kick-ass hunter comes with a jet-pack for hovering, a license to pass certain checkpoints and a blaster for killing.

Play as… Obi-Wan (Ghost)
Complete Episode VI and purchase for 1,100,000 studs. The ghost of Ben Kenobi has all the skills of his previous form, including his Jedi mind-tricks and his majestic lightsaber abilities. 

Play as…  Dengar
Complete Episode VI, Chapter Three and purchase for 70,000 studs. Dengar is more or less a standard bounty hunter, but his headscarf makes him a fashion icon.


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