LEGO Star Wars II - Best Characters

Play as… Admiral Ackbar
Complete Episode VI, Chapter Six and purchase for 33,000 studs. Goggle-eyed Ackbar isn't great at fighting due to a lack of a melee attack, but Rebel troops will salute him when passing. Atten-shun.

Play as… Gamorrean Guard
Complete Episode VI, Chapter One and purchase for 40,000 studs. These tough-as-nails guards are good at defending and even better at leathering foes with their strong axe attacks.

Play as… Imperial Spy
Complete Episode IV, Chapter Three and purchase for 13,500 studs. He looks like a finger puppet and he's about as useful. Still, hit a button and he'll call for back-up on his radio. Wuss.

Play as… Moff Tarkin
Complete Episode IV, Chapter Five and purchase for 38,000 studs. Moff looks menacing, with his hands behind his back, and the commander of the original Death Star is deadly in battle, too.

Play as… Bib Fortuna
Complete Episode VI, Chapter One and purchase for 16,000 studs. Bib only has an up-close attack, but his links to Jabba the Hutt mean he can pass bounty hunter checkpoints, no probs.


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