LEGO Normandy SR-2 launches

Brick master crafts detailed replica of Commander Shepard’s vessel

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LEGO brick master Ben Fellowes has crafted an excellent replica of Commander Shepard’s flagship from Mass Effect 2, the Normandy SR-2. We love the creator’s attention to detail. Notice the orange Cerebus logo, the custom stand, and the docking bay for your Mako, Kodiak shuttle, or Hammerhead…

Above: See more Mass Effect masterpieces on his LEGO page

Above: We love the docking bay, which opens up to hold a miniature shuttle

The Normandy SR-2  looks spectacular. But this isn’t Fellowes’ first Mass Effect masterpiece. Check out his LEGO page to see his legion of LEGO Geth warriors and a foreboding LEGO Sovereign.

Apr 5, 2010