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Deadpool Mission Characters

Deadpool has lots of big missions across the city once you've complete the story mode. In fact, it's safe to say his missions are full-on bonus levels. You'll also find a Deadpool Brick hidden in each level. These are necessary to unlock Deadpool himself, so we'll tell you how to get them too.

Note: Most Deadpool missions require a high number of Gold Bricks to enter. If you don’t have enough, consult our Gold Brick locations guide to find more.

A Shock Withdrawl

The first mission, "A Shock Withdrawl," is found inside the bank in the Financial District, in the southwestern part of the map. It's marked by dollar bills on the map.

  • Electro: Complete the mission.
  • Shocker: Complete the mission. 
  • Moon Knight: On the left side of the bank is a teller's window, and inside is a trapped teller. Use a character with telekinesis to take control of this teller, then use him to pull the switch inside the office. This reveals an ATM next to the window; destroy it to discover a character token. 
  • Deadpool Brick: Use a fire or laser blast on the gold pile near the vault to reveal this.

Feeling Fisky

The mission "Feeling Fisky" is found behind Fisk Tower. It's marked by a diamond cane on the map.

  • Kingpin: Complete the mission.
  • Daredevil: Complete the mission.
  • Kingpin Henchman: There's an electrical panel to the left of the trapped agent. Hit it with an electric character to spawn this token.
  • Deadpool Brick: On the left side of the room is a portrait of Kingpin. Use a telekinetic character to move it, revealing a gold vault. Burn through this with fire or a laser to reveal the brick.

The Thrill of the Chess

The mission "The Thrill of the Chess" is found behind the Raft. It’s marked by a lightning bolt on the map.

  • Mysterio: Complete the mission.
  • Polaris: Complete the mission.
  • Green Goblin (Ultimate): On the lower level of the cell block is a claw switch. Use a clawed character to hit it and open the nearby cell, exposing the character token.
  • Deadpool Brick: There's a Symbiote wall on the right side of the cell block; bust up the locker to find it. Pass through with Venom to reach the secluded brick.

Put Up Your Dukes

The mission "Put Up Your Dukes" is found behind Fogwell's Gym. It’s marked by a dumbbell on the map.

  • Phoenix: Complete the mission.
  • Blob: Complete the mission.
  • Deadpool Brick: There's a console by Captain America. Activate it to lower a punching bag; Cap will then destroy this and reveal the brick.

Tabloid Tidy Up

The mission "Tabloid Tidy Up" can be found by entering the Daily Bugle, found just east of "A Shock Withdrawal." It's marked by a trumpet on the map.

  • Agent Coulson: Complete the mission.
  • J. Jonah Jameson: Complete the mission. 
  • Deadpool Brick: When you enter Jameson's office, use a telekinetic character to move the colored trophies. Place them on the correct pedestals to reveal the brick.

Stunt Show Surprise

The mission "Stunt Show Surprise" is located at the Circus in Central Park.

  • Ghost Rider: Complete the mission.
  • Nightmare: Complete the mission.
  • Deadpool Brick: There's a metal cage in the upper left part of the room. Use a magnetic character to break this apart and reach the brick inside.

Reptilian Ruckus

The mission "Reptilian Ruckus" is found at the Reptile House. It's marked by a lizard face on the map.

  • Curt Connors/Lizard: Complete the mission.
  • Deadpool Brick: There's an electrical panel down by the water. Hit it with an electric character to create a metal column by the plants. Use a magnetic character to destroy it and reach the brick inside.


The mission "Bro-tunheim" is found on the dock in the Industrial District. It's marked by an Asgardian symbol on the map.

  • Laufey: Complete the mission.
  • Malekith: Complete the mission.
  • Deadpool Brick: There's an ice sheet covering a cave opening on the left side of the lower level. Use a fire or laser blast to melt it and reveal the brick.

Nuff Said

The mission "Nuff Said" can be found by entering Marvel H.Q., just west of the Sand Central Station story mission. It's marked by the Marvel logo on the map.

  • Howard the Duck: Complete the mission.
  • Vulture: Complete the mission.
  • Ms. Marvel: At the very beginning of the mission, use a fire or laser-based character to destroy the gold statue on the right. 
  • Deadpool Brick: In the top right corner of the main room is a Deadpool puzzle. Use a telekinetic character to assemble it and reveal the brick.

House Party Protocol

The mission "House Party Protocol" is found atop Stark Tower. It's marked by an Avengers logo on the map.

  • War Machine: Complete the mission.
  • Deadpool Brick: Move to the piñata behind the Hulk, then use a laser or fire blast to destroy the gold case on the wall and drop a bat to the ground. Grab it with a telekinetic character to bust up the piñata and reveal the brick.

Stranger Danger

The mission "Stranger Danger" is located in the Sanctum Sanctorum, in the northwest section of the Financial District.

  • Dr. Strange: Complete the mission.
  • Dormammu: Complete the mission. 
  • Deadpool Brick: When you reach the attic, look for a sand spot on the right wall. Slip through with Sandman to find a chest. Open it with a telekinetic character, then bust up the box next to it. Build the new loose pieces into a Christmas tree, and a present will pop out. Use a web-slinging character to open it - your gift is the last brick!

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