LEGO Indiana Jones - first look

It wouldn’t be a LEGO game without a character tagging along, and yes, LEGO Indy will support 2-player co-op. Of course, simple puzzles will factor into gameplay, utilizing both characters for small tasks such as pressure-release switches. A chunk of the Star Wars games utilized the Force to build bridges or passageways; not so in Indy - you’ll grab a pile of blocks that you can build quickly to create ladders, rafts or whatever the situation calls for.

Speaking of multiple characters, an interesting trait is that phobias have been programmed for specific characters and will actually slow their progress in a level: Willie is afraid of spiders; Indy hates snakes and so on. Wanna hear more characters? Short Round is playable, as is Sallah, Marcus Brody, Satibo (Alfred Molina) and oh yes, Sean Connery. We’re pretty sure there are like 50 more in there but we won’t know until we get our hands on the game. Not to mention drivable vehicles and what we hear will be one fun-as-hell mine cart level.

LEGO Indiana Jones hits consoles (and handhelds) this summer just in time for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. We suspect at least one of these will be a sure-fire winner. Check back for a full review as the release date closes in.

Feb 21, 2007


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