Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Walkthrough

Snowpeak Ruins

Once you enter the mansion, turn human and go forward through the door. Enter the room and you will find the yeti’s wife there by the fire. Talk to her and she will tell you that they locked the mirror in the bedroom on the third floor and give you the mansion map. Go through the door to the right and enter the kitchen to find the yeti cooking. Use an empty bottle to scoop up some simple soup and then look behind the shelves to find Ooccoo in a pot there. Go through the door to the north and there will be an icy floor and a couple blocks to move around. First, push the southernmost block west. Next push the other block east, south, west, east, and then south to have it rest on the switch and open the door. Enter the next corridor and then turn into a wolf and use your senses to see a dig spot at the crack in the wall. Go through there to outside and see where the lock is that you need to get to. Go to the right and you will see the top of a chest in the snow. Dig there to uncover it and open it to find a key.

Transform and hop through the window to the right of the hole you came through and go to the locked door at the end to use the key. Once inside, kill the three enemies and enter the door to the north. In here, you will need to kill two enemies that guard the next door, so do so and enter the room that contains the chest. When you open it, instead of the key, you will find a pumpkin. Make your way back to the wife via the door to the south and she will tell you to talk to her husband. Refill your health in the kitchen after giving him the pumpkin and then take some good soup with you in your bottle. Go back and talk to the wife and she will mark another location on your map and open another door. Go through and you will be outside in a courtyard with a cannon. Go to the Northeast corner and hop through the window to enter the mansion again. Enter the next door and grab the cannonball on the ground ahead of you. Snake your way through the corridors to the cannon on the far side and drop the ball inside it.

Turn the cannon to face south and then drop a bomb in the same opening the cannonball went it. It will blow a hole through the ice wall and reveal a door. Go through to enter a large room with wooden beams across the floor. Go south on the left side of the room and take out the bats as they come to you. Let the ice creatures hit you, as they will bounce off and fall once they do. Make your way forward to just before the second ice creature and then go right. Hop over the gap and continue to the far side to open the chest there and receive the compass. Grapple back to the door you entered through and then make your way back out to the courtyard as a wolf. As you jump through the window, look to the left to find a half buried chest in the snow. Dig it up and use the key inside to open the locked door to the left. Now you will need to pull the lever down beside the door and then pick up a cannonball and place it in the scoop. Go back outside and pull the lever down here, and then pick up the cannonball out of the scoop and carry it over to the cannon. Turn the cannon 180 degrees and place the ball in the cannon. Place a bomb in the cannon afterwards and it will fire into the ice face that was covering the door.

Enter the clear door now and you will face off against a large enemy with a ball and chain. To defeat him, all you need to do is grapple past him and then wait for him to toss his ball at you. When he does this, run behind him and slash at his tail. Simply repeat that a few times and he will fall, leaving you with the ball and chain as a reward. Enter the next room and use the ball and chain on the ice walls to find the chest behind them. Open it to find some goat cheese instead of the key. Return to the wife and then the husband for some supreme soup. Return to the wife one more time and she will mark another location and open another door. Go through the door she opens and head up the ramp, taking out the large ice creatures on the way up. When you reach the top, go through the door to the left and hit the platform in the center with the ball and chain to make it swing back and forth. Hop on it and off to the other side to grab the small key out of the chest there. Make your way back across and then out the door and straight to the next room. Go right to the locked door and smash the ice to the right on the wall to reveal a grapple point in case you fall.

Hit the platform in the center and jump across and go through the next door. Again, make your way to the far side and enter the door there and enter the room. Go to the left side and knock the box there down to the lower level so you can use it to get back up in a minute. Drop down to the lower level and you will now be at the same block puzzle as earlier, but now smash the ice around the box in the corner as well as the ice around the switch in the center. Next move the box on the original switch; leave the box beside it alone this time—north. Next move the box you broke free, south, west, and then north. Now move the box right beside it east, south, west, north, and it will land on the switch, opening the door upstairs. Climb up the boxes to the second story and follow the door on the east side outside. Hop over to the top of the wall to the left and take out the three ice enemies there. Grapple over the wall and then go through the door on the left.

Use the ball and chain to swing the two platforms and hop across to find a small key in the chest on the far side. Go through the door behind the chest and then make your way through the box puzzle room and into the ice floor room with the many ice ball enemies and the locked door on the left. Go through the door and you will find two large ice creatures inside. Take down both and then push the two blocks in the east wall out to that you can access the ramp from earlier. Go through the new opening and follow the ramp down to the left all the way to the bottom. Go through the door and push the box on the other side. Grab a cannonball there and bring it back to the wall scoop. Go through the door and grab the cannonball and carry it all the way up the ramp to the cannon that was behind the wall of ice.

Turn the cannon towards the two blocks you pushed to make the opening and then drop in the ball and a bomb.

The cannonball will launch into the room and you will need to go over there and take the ball into the room to the north. Load it into the cannon and point it to the corner with the large beast standing there. Drop the bomb to fire it and then hop down and go through the door. Climb the ladder and enter the room to the right. Now you will need to fight a swarm of ice creatures with your ball and chain. Once they are all dead, then you can enter the room to the north and grab the bedroom key from the chest. Exit out of the room and go back outside and you will find the wife there. Go to the right and follow the path up to the bedroom door and the boss battle will begin.

Boss: Twilit Ice Mass Blizzeta

When the battle begins with Yeta, all you need to do is simply swing the ball and chain at her to hit her large ice form. She will just bounce back and forth as you hit her, eventually getting smaller and smaller producing Freezlings as you do. Ignore them and keep hitting her until she flies into the air. Now she will attack with icicles that fall from the air. Run around the area in circles to avoid them and when she drops a circle of them at a time, turn and smash as many as you can. She will then drop to the ground herself giving you time to turn and whack her provided you rolled out of the way. The more icicles you break, the better the chance you have of getting out of the way when she comes crashing down. Hit her three times and she will regain her normal form and the battle will be over. Grab the mirror piece and the heart container and teleport to northern Faron woods.


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    Im tempted to comb through this whole this because I feel like this is an elaborate troll and theres something hidden in there >.< At least its for one of my all time favorites
  • Fox_Mulder - July 21, 2012 12:49 a.m.

    I love this game, and am actually playing through it now!
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    A little late arent we GR?
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    Might as well right the review to Duke Nukem Forever while we're at it.
  • SGTCOOL - July 20, 2012 8 p.m.

    Whew, thank the good lord I was JUST about to put Twilight Princess into my Wii when I realized I don't have any clue how to beat it! Just kidding. My Wii exploded years ago. And I'll likely never play Twilight Princess ever again. How very timely.
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    Ironically i stopped my second time through Twilight Princess because im stuck in the damn goron mines, so this might let me re-replay it again
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