The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword walkthrough

Nayru’s Silent Realm

Once you have visited the Thunderhead and crawled inside the Isle of Song again, you will have learned the tune of Nayru’s Wisdom and been told to go to the Lanayru Desert. Choose the North Desert statue to land at and the trial marker will be directly north of the stairs leading to the mining facility. Play the harp on the spot where the glowing sparkles are. This trial is just like the previous where you need to collect 15 tears to pass it. Use the same game plan as before and go for the furthest distance tears first and work your way back to the circle.  

There are a couple that can be tricky and will require you to move a cart under to climb up to get as well as one in a tree that you need to roll into to shake lose. If you have trouble, the tears that have already collected will appear on the map after the first time. Once you complete it, you will receive the Clawshot which is basically a grapple for all the targets you’ve seen on the walls throughout the game. Now you’ll need to find the flame, so head for the statue at the West Desert marker and use the claw shot on the targets that are high on the wall behind the statue. Hop over the stone platforms and the grapple up to the cave entrance.

Lanayru Sand Seas

When you enter the caves, head south and you will find Golo. Talk to him and he will give you a key that allows you to enter the Lanayru Sand Seas. Go through the locked door and grapple from pillar to pillar to reach the dock.  Hit the time crystal on the boat and talk to the robot captain and he will tell you a tale. Now you are ready to pilot the boat, so hop in and make your way south to his shack. When you arrive, pull up to the dock in front of it and then make your way to the right.  

Hop across the stone platforms and grapple up to the platform above. Take out the baba’s and grapple to the flying plant and again over to the target on the cliff face. Climb up and place a bomb at the rock pile and go through when it is cleared. Follow the corridor through and then grapple up some more using the flying plants and targets and you will land on a platform that has a bridge and a giant Moblin on it. Either run past him or run up and over his shield and attack from the rear, and grapple over to the north.  

Whip the plant in the ground to free it giving you a grapple point in the sky. Grapple to it and you will come to rest on the top of a pillar. Look to the east to find a grapple target that has a Baba above it. Use the Hook Beetle to take it down and then grapple over to it. When you land on the next platform, take out the two Furnix there and then grapple across the two plants to reach the shack. Enter in and clear out the sand using the Gust Bellows to find the chest that contains the sea chart. Fi will also tell you that there is a bug infestation on the roof and you can head up there if you want to nab yourself some Sand Cicadas. Make your way back outside and now you can use the zipline behind the shack to go back down to the boat.

Once you reach the red X on the map that indicates the shipyard, make your way to the east and enter the mining cart station. Read the instructions on the wall to get the handling of the carts down and then hop on it. Ride the cart and it will take you to the next station. Get in the next cart and you will need to ride the cart to the construction yard by leaning and picking the tracks that aren’t blocked. When you arrive, go through the door and Fi will tell you to look for a clue in the sand.  

Hop down and use the Gust Bellows on the sand.  SURPRISE! You found a Moldarach! Take it out using the same techniques as the previous one and then go through the door that is now unlocked. Head back over to the dock and talk to the captain and he will tell you that the next place is where the pirates are. Make your way to the north in the boat and get off at the dock to the Pirate Stronghold.

Make your way to the right side of the stronghold and you will come to a door that will lead inside. Go through, down the stairs and through the next door on the right. Follow the corridor all the way to the end until you come to the Time Orb. Pick it up and carry it south, defeating any enemies that now spawn, as well as the Beamos that blocks the doorway. Once through, enter the next room and carry the orb up the ramp and across the platforms that appear when you get close. The next corridor will have a barred door on the right and a beam barrier on the left when you get close.  Drop the orb in front of the bars and run through the corridor on the left. 

Pull the lever down to the left of the bars on the other side and then pick your orb back up and continue on heading south and west. In the next large room, there will be a blocked doorway directly west which can be opened by moving a crate in the southwest room on top of a pressure plate there. Leave the orb halfway between the two doors and then go move the crate on the plate. When done, go through the opening to the right and run back over to the orb and go through the now opened door.  

Continue through a couple more rooms and you will finally to a room almost at the very south where you will need to place the orb against the right wall and away from the south door to not let the barrier form. Go through the doorway and into the next room to find a lever on the wall. Pull it and you can now bring the orb in to fight two Armos. Go through the door that was behind them and then place the orb in the holder in the center. Now that the mouth is open outside, go through the door that unlocks and you’ll find yourself in front of the stronghold. Head back to the dock and talk to the captain to go on yet another cruise around the sand. 

Use the dowsing rod to home in on the ship but you won’t be able to see it just yet. Now you need to hit the invisible ship with your cannon 3 times. Cruise around with dowsing rod giving you directions but be sure to check very frequently as the ghost ship moves quite a bit. When the cannon reticle is flat against something that’s not there, be sure to fire quickly. After two more times, you will finally board the ship. Make your way to the door on the left side and go down the stairs. Go through the right side corridor and enter the door there. Head across the quick sand and follow the corridor around and pass the propeller fan on the right wall. Continue around the corner, down the stairs, and into the hallway covered in Arachs.  


  • cly58 - August 26, 2013 1:59 p.m.

    I need to find out how I can get back to the skyloft from hylia. I didn't replenish myself and went to hylia when I should have gotten potions etc at skyloft first. Now I am stuck. any suggestions?
  • lee-chamberland - August 5, 2012 3:43 p.m.

    In the skyview temple the last boss if u stand ur ground when he attacks and attack at the right point you can stop his attack and do more dmg faster
  • stubbyjoe - January 17, 2012 10:52 a.m.

    how do u equip your sheild??

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