The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword walkthrough

Lanayru Mining Facility

Head north and there will be a center bridge with a door at the far end you need to get through. To open it, use the hook beetle and grab the bomb on the pillar to knock down the plates on the left wall and then run across the sand to jump and grab the switch. Once you have, head through the center door and you will then enter a room with 2 locked doors on the left and right blocked by three headed Staldra’s and another door at the far end.

To reach the door at the far end, move a block on the left side against the wall and then climb up and go through. When in the next room, use the hook beetle to grab the bomb on the right and carry it over to the crates at the bottom of the ladder. Drop it on them and then hop over and climb up. Grab the key out of the chest and then head back to the previous room and open the door on the east wall. When you enter, make your way the left and follow the path right past the Froaks.

Climb the vine wall and go right to the ladder. Use the hook beetle to drop a bomb on the crate at the top and then climb to the pressure plate that opens the bars blocking the time crystal in the center of the room. Now the room will be full of Beamos security bots. Climb down and up the ladders until you reach the far side of the right side of the room. There will be a switch there that opens a door. Pull it and now you will need to run across the long conveyor belt that stretches out to the far side of the room. You’ll need to grab the stamina fruit along the way to be able to make it. Once over, you can head up the ladder on the left to enter the small room you opened to get the chest, but otherwise, head right and go up the conveyor and pull the switch there.

Head back down and got through the newly opened door. In the next room you will enter, you will need to traverse the tops of the blocks in the room to reach the ladder on the North side. Use bombs or the Froaks to blow up the rock piles on top of the blocks and hop your way across. When you reach the ladder, climb up and open the chest to find the Gust Bellows. In case you were wondering why there were piles of dirt everywhere, this is the item you use to clear them out and find more goodies.

Next make your way south and west across the blocks to the ladder to west. Blow the dust blocking the door and go through to the next room, move the block, climb down the ladder and head back to the room where the three headed Staldra’s were. Go to the right side of the high door in the center and use the Gust Bellows to clear the sand off of a pressure plate and the block there. Move the block on the plate and the door to the west will open.

Enter the room and then make your way along the right side to the platforms near the center and across to the far side. Use the Bellows on the big pile of dirt to reveal a time crystal and the sand in the room will dissolve. Hop on the platform behind you and use the Bellows to spin the center piece so it moves. Hop off at the other side and blow the pinwheel above the door to open it. Move to the next platform and blow the center piece so it moves to the right far enough that you can jump on it. Once you are on, blow it back to where it was and hop off the other side.

Climb the ladder there and use the Bellows on the next pinwheel beside the door and enter to find two more Staldra’s. Take them out and then go to the far right corner and blow the sand off the box there. Move it to the left and climb up to the barred door with the chest inside. Blow the big sand pile and then hit the revealed time crystal to change the area. When it changes, a robot –an Armos- on the lower level will come to life.

Use the Bellows on its head to make it rise up. When it does, hit the crystals that become visible. Hit him twice and the door to exit and the barred door with the chest, which contains the Dungeon Map, will open. Go through the door that was behind the robot and you will come out to the large main room. You can step on the blue plate to open the door, but once you do, don’t go through just yet. You can walk through the quicksand, but be sure to look at the map for the path you can take. Once you get to the far left side, clear the sand pile against the wall and crawl through the opening.

Follow the tunnel to a room full of sand and get ready for lots of blowing. There is a pressure plate near the center of the room to open the exit, but you need to clear the sand off it to get to it. Once the sand in the room has been cleared, go through and you will come to mine cart. Hit the small patch of time crystal on it and then follow the cart as it moves. Open the door it comes to with the Bellows on the pinwheel above the door and continue on.

Go all the way to the end and then go to the left to find another mine cart. Do the same thing, although this time there will be a pinwheel on the right wall that you need to spin to open the door on the right side. If you don’t get the pinwheel the first time, hit the crystal twice when it stops and go again. Go through the door when the bars are lifted and you enter the next room. Head across the conveyor belt and up the vine wall at the far end. Go to the right and use bombs to knock down the wall plates and hop across them as you do. When you get to the other side, clear the sand and hit the crystal to change the room. Head back across the plates and across the conveyor belts to the moveable platform. Spin the center to get to the far side and then look at the wall plates there. When you drop them, they will give an order of numbers.

These will be used for the other side of the room. Move the platform in the center to the right and get on and then go to the left and get off. Get on the next platform and as you pass the wall plates there, drop bombs in them to reveal the pink diamonds behind them. Hit the diamonds in order of left, right, middle and then the door at the north end will open with two Armos inside that you need to spin their heads to reveal the crystals inside. Once they are down, head in to open the chest and receive the golden circuit key. Make your way back out and down the ladder.

Go to the left of the area and then cross the conveyor belt to the right. Go through the door there on the right side and be sure to save at the bird statue. Hit the crystal on the cart and then jump on the platform using the Bellows to spin the platform, keeping up with the mine cart. When you reach the far side, use the golden key on the door to the right. Enter the room and you will face off against Moldarach, a giant scorpion.

To defeat the scorpion, hit each of the eyes in its claws when they are open. Focus on one and then the other until both have popped off. Once his claws are gone, he will then dive under the sand. Use the Gust Bellows to blow around where you see the bulge of sand moving to bring him to the surface. When he does come up, do a quick forward thrust into his eye. Keep repeating until it dies and you will get yourself another new shiny heart. When you get to the next room after defeat Moldarach, hit the crystal at the top of the ceiling in the center of the room and then hop in the mine cart to go across.