The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword walkthrough

Lanayru Mine

As soon as you land at the mine, go to the left and look at the….robot? Proceed around to the rear of where you landed and you can find a Goddess Cube there. Head North after striking it and cross the gap and push the mine carts until you come to an area with a blue crystal in the center. Strike it with the sword and it will make the area timeshift to the past.

Hop in the mine cart where you entered from and ride it through the door on the left side. Use a bomb on the left most rock and then strike the crystal that appears. Next toss a bomb in the plate on the wall and it will fall over allowing you to pass. Follow the corridor and you will come to some quick sand that you can only pass while running. Run to the platform and then toss bombs to lower the next set of platforms.

Continue on to the large room and use the platforms to rest while making your way to the far side. Head up the ramp and to the left will be a long stretch of quicksand. Roll a bomb to destroy the rock in the middle and then another to destroy the rocks at the far side. Once the crystal is exposed, toss another to hit it and reverse time. Head across and go to the left to find a chest. Open it for a golden skull and then hop down and go to the left to the mine cart there. Push it into the time zone and ride it through the next door to reach the desert.

Lanayru Desert

Head north to the large area of quicksand and you will run into some cages. Walk up the rocky slope beside them and hop over to the right most cage. Toss a bomb through the opening on the next cage to break the rocks inside and another to hit the time crystal that was revealed. When you do, the area with be reverted. Drop down and take out the two enemies in the area and then talk to the robot in the cage. He will then upgrade your Beetle to a Hook Beetle.

You can then use the hook beetle to grab the bombs from the top of the tree in the quicksand and drop them into the structures along the side of the walls so that they fall down, allowing you to hop across. Once in the next area, use the hook beetle to grab the bombs from the tree top and bomb the Ampilus. Run across the sand and use the shells to rest by standing on halfway across. Head to the doorway on the right, but keep note of the Goddess Cube also on the right. Continue forward and there will be another area of Ampilus and quicksand where you will need to bomb them and ride along on their shells to reach the door way to the north that leads to the Temple of Time.

Make your way to the path leading to the right and then hit the time crystal atop the pillar with the slingshot. When time reverts, ride the mine cart to the other side. Use the hook beetle and fly it into the opening and hit the pink diamond switch to open the gate. Next use the Hook Beetle to grab a bomb and fly it to the top of the tree in the center and drop the bomb in the opening. Hop in the cart and ride it across to the other side and talk to Gorko who will tell you there was an explosion.

Use the hook beetle on the rock atop the pillars to reveal a time crystal and take out the enemies that appear. Talk to the robot there and he will update your map and tell you to go to the Mining Facillity. Hop in the mine cart and then hop out when it stop a few feet further. Hit the next time crystal in the cave directly across from you and then hop in the mine cart again, raising your sword to hit the Goddess Cube as you pass by it. Ride across and enter the cave at the far end.

Now you will need to find a path to get to the Mining Facility Entrance. Use the map and you will not sink on the dark grey paths. You can also use the ramp of stone to get on top of the structure to find a save point and some rocks. Break the rocks with bombs and you will find yet another time crystal. Hit the crystal and you will then see a generator that needs to be turned on to access the mine facility. Head due north to find a cracked wall and toss a bomb at it.

Enter the cave and then cross the sand to find the crystal in the center of the room. Hit it and the sand will disappear, leaving little electrical balls. Roll it into the device beside the gated entrance and it will open. Enter the room there and stick your sword in the node and turn to the left. Press A when you do and it will activate. Head back out to the desert and head to the very west side of the spider web looking area when viewing your map. There you will find another cracked wall at a platform. Break it open to find a crystal and give it a whack.

Toss a bomb in the wall plate next to the opening and it will fall to reveal the next node switch. The next switch is located due east of that switch, inside a door. When you reach it, enter the room and break the rock in the center of the room but don’t worry about the crystal just yet. Next kill the Ampilus near you and then ride his shell to the far side of the room. Once you get there, climb the boxes on the right and push the box at the top on the far end down.

Now you can hit the time crystal and make the sand disappear. Use the Hook Beetle to pick up the electrical ball and take it to the receptacle next to the barred doorway. Hop back up the boxes and enter the node control room. Now head back to the main generator where you’ll need to hit the crystal to make it appear again. Stick in your sword and turn it first so that the symbols line up at 9 o’clock, then 4 o’clock, and finally 12 o’clock. Once all three are in position, the entrance will appear.