The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword walkthrough

Skyview Temple

Now that you are inside the temple, go forward and down the right passage way to the end. You’ll need to chop through spider webs and blocking trees to get there, but at the end will be a vine wall. Before going up, use the slingshot to hit the Baba at the top and stun it. Climb up and then hit the pink diamonds to open the door down below. Hop down and go through to fins an eye guardian. Pull out your sword when standing on the edge of the platform and move your sword in circles so that the eye follows it. Keep doing it and the eye will get dizzy and leave. Go through the next door and make your way to the middle of the room. There will be a door on the right and left. Ignore the left for now and focus above the door on the right.

Hit the pink diamond with a nut and go through the now open door. Continue through the next room on the top level and kill the Skulltula that drops down by hitting it and then thrusting at it. Read the tablet there for some words of wisdom and then hop off the edge to the left. Crawl through the opening at the base of the wall and enter the next room. Hit the pink diamond high above and the room will fill with water. Climb up the vines and crawl through to exit and go back to the main room which has also filled with more water. Go to the far side of the room and jump in the water to get under the blocked door that was on the left when you entered. Underneath you will find another pink diamond that you can go up to and hit. Do so and the door above will open. Go through that door and ignore the Skulltula’s in the center.

Use the slingshot to lower the vines on the right side and swing across to the other side. Head up the stairs and go through the door and follow the tree branch up on the left. Open the chest there and grab the Dungeon Map to show just how much more exploring you have to do in here. Now head back through the door and jump on the first vine. Stop swinging and turn to the middle of the bridge and swing to jump off onto it. When you land on it, look across and shoot the pink diamond. Hop down and back up the vine and enter the first main room again. Go to the center of the room and look to the east to see a floating log. Jump onto it and then dash up to get on the vines. Crawl over to the ledge and drop off to go through the door there. Once through, go down and kill the Skulltula and there will be a locked door with two eye guardians.

Stand in the center so that both eyes are open and perform the same sword swirling to make them both dizzy. When they drop off, open the chest and grab the key. Now head back to the main room and open the locked door in the center by jumping on the log and climbing the vines. Once through the door, you will be in a large circular room with a dome in the center. Straight ahead will be a door with a pink diamond above it. Hit it and go through to face a skeleton. To defeat the skeleton, simply strike either side ways or up and down, depending on where he is blocking. When you strike, do a back flip to avoid his hits and strike him again. Once he is down, you will receive the beetle. Look up and there will be a hole in the wall with a spider web covering it.

Launch the beetle through there and hit the pink diamond to the right to open the door. Once you do, go through and make your way to the door on the west side. There will be a save statue there as well as two openings above the door. Shoot the beetle through the opening and hit the pink diamond inside to open the door below. Go through and up the stairs and through the door to fight a Skulltula on the ground. Slash upwards at it to flip it over and then land a fatal strike on it to finish it off. Next you’ll need to get past the three eye guardians, so climb the vines behind you and push the crate off the edge. Push the crate to the center of the eyes, so that when you stand on it, all three eyes look at you.

Again, make them dizzy and then open the chest to get the key. Exit the room and fire the beetle to the far back of the room and hit the pink diamond there to flood the room with water. Now you can swim over towards the pink diamond and go through the small opening behind it. Drop down and run to the other side of the room to the door on the far, east side. Use the beetle on the Baba’s to cut them from the ceiling before cross the rope. When they are down, continue through and you will come to the three headed Staldra. Slice off all three heads at once to deal with it and then the blocked door will open. Go through to enter the next and final room of the temple. When you come to the Skulltula, use the beetle to cut its web and then hop over to the other side.

To the right will be a tight rope and a bokoblin on the other side. Tag him with a nut and he will start to cross the rope. Tag him again to knock him off. Cross over and use the beetle to knock down the two vines on the southwest side. When they are down, go back to the west side and climb the vines in the small room. At the top, free the rope and then swing across to the ledge in the center. Hop up and go forward until you can jump to reach the hanging vines. Jump across both and then jump to the small room where the chest is. Open it to grab the golden Carving, which is the key for the main door. Hop up the vines to get out and then head across the tight rope to the large door. Spin the key so it fits and you will have a little battle against Lord Ghirahim

Defeating Ghirahim is pretty simple if you use if you use your dodges effectively and stay away from him. For the first part of the battle, he will hold his hand out matching your swords position. Move your sword slowly away and strike when it isn’t near his glowing hand. Keep repeating that until he does a little freak out. If he does manage to grab your sword, waggle up and down quickly to make him release it. When Ghirahim grabs his sword, stay back from him until he teleports behind you. When he does, turn quickly and he will be open to an attack where his sword isn’t blocking. Until then, he will charge at you, which can be avoided by dodging backwards and he will toss red darts at you which can be avoided by dodging sideways.

Once you defeat him, go through the glowing door and target the spinning symbol across the gap. Use the skyward strike to hit it and you will receive a piece of the tablet to take back to the statue of the goddess. When you do, it will open a red pillar of light that will allow you to drop into Eldin Volcano. Upon exiting the statue of the goddess, an annoying woman going “aaaaay!” named Wryna will stop you and ask if you have seen her daughter. You can find her daughter by going to the graveyard at night and rolling into the tombstone closest to the tree and then pushing it. It will open a door to the left and you can find the “monster “in there. This will also kick off the side missions that you can do in and around Skyloft.