The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword walkthrough

Faron Woods

Once inside the forest, swing over the gap by using the rope and then slash through the trees blocking your path. Continue forward and you will find some bokoblins around what looks like a bush. Kill them and then examine the bush to find it is a Kikwi. Talk to it and it will run away from you. Chase it up the slope using dash and the Kikwi will be hiding behind a mushroom. You can use the dowsing to find which mushroom it is hiding behind, dash and roll into to make him run to another.

Repeat again and it will eventually run and hide behind a tree. Talk to him there and he will tell you to talk to the Elder Kikwi. Now make your way to the east and up the slope there and follow the path to the right and hack through the tree barrier. When at the top, make a left and there will be a rope that you need to hit the base of it free it. Swing across it and you’ll find the Elder Kikwi there snoozing. Talk to him and he will ask you to find three of his other Kikwis and they will be added to your dowsing ability. The first Kikwi is located at the far north, just a little to the west. Look for a large rock near the surrounding wall with vines above it.

Climb up the vines to a platform and the Kikwi will be hiding in the middle of some long grass. To talk to him you’ll need to clear out the grass and then when finished, head back to the Edler. Now look to the right of the large Kikiwi and there will be a hole on the side of the tree there. Crawl through and climb up the vines and across the rope. Hop down to the area below once you get off the rope and there will be a couple bokoblins that will call for reinforcements when they see you. Take them out and there will be a Kikwi in the tree. Roll into the tree to bring him down and to loosen a vine. Grab it and swing to the ledge and then make your way back to the first Kikwi you found, where you had to cut the grass.

Instead of climb up the vines, go to the left and there will be a hole in the wall. Crawl through and continue forward and head up the ramp on the far left side. Make your way to the right and beside the tree at the far end there will be a hole. Dropped down it and follow the tunnel to the end to find the Kikwi hiding there. Pick it up and then you will need to go back to the Elder now that you have found all three. When you return to the large Kikwi, he will reward you with the Slingshot and tell you that Zelda went to the Deep Woods. Make your way north to the stone temple and behind it will be a cave. Sling shot the vine above and swing to the cave entrance. When you enter the Deep Woods, the path is pretty straightforward to get to the Temple you need to reach.

At the first tightrope, use the slingshot to hit the hornet nest and then head across. At the next rope, you can also jostle up and down to shake loose any bokoblins that try to cross. When you come to the Gorgon, go to the right and follow the path up and around to meet bhim. He will tell you about the Goddess Cubes. Hit the one there with a Skyward Strike and it will shoot into the sky. Now every time you hit a Goddess Cube, there will be a chest waiting for you to be opened in the Sky Realm which you can see on the map. Hop of the going straight after rolling the log off to the right. There will be another Cube there that you can send to the sky, so do so and then run to the temple. When at the front door, look above it and there will be pink diamonds there that you need to hit with your slingshot to open the door.