The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword walkthrough


As you begin the game, head through the large set of doors at the end of the hall and make your way outside. For this first part of the game, it will just be getting use to the controlled and whatnot so there’s really not a whole that needs to be explained. When outside, you will be shown the uses of Z targeting and auto- jumping. Hop up the boxes and over the gap to talk to the instructor and he will ask you to go and fetch Mia from the roof top. Move to the building and then dash up the wall to grab the ledge and shimmy over to the left. Drop down and hop over the gap and climb up the vines.

Once at the top, move the crate there against the wall and climb up to the roof. Pick up Mia and head back down to the instructor. When there, go ahead a toss it at him for fun. Now you’ll need to head up to the Goddess statue to talk to the headmaster. Go north and up the stairs to find Zelda as she regales you with tales and then tries to kill you. Once that is over and done with, go back to the academy and find Instructor Horwell to the left of the entrance. Next head into the academy and go to the first floor to talk to Pipet, the guy with the yellow hat.

He will tell you to go to town to ask people there if they have seen your bird. Exit the academy and make your way to the light tower, to the south of Skyloft to start a scene with Groose and his cohorts. After the scene with them, make your way to the Sparring Hall beside the academy for another scene with Pipet and Fledge. Enter the Sparring Hall and grab the Practice Sword from the back room to perform the sword exercises on the logs. When you have completed them, go back outside and make your way to the northeastern part of Skyloft, over the stone platforms, and make a right up the hill to the barred cave entrance.

Slice the wooden beams and make your way through the cavern, all the way to the light at the end. Once you exit, go to the right and slice the ropes holding the boards in place to free your Loftwing. After another scene, you will be given the basics on how to fly your bird and then will head back to the town for the Wing Ceremony. Once it begins, dash off the deck and call your bird for it to start. Simply fly towards the yellow bird and press A when near it.

You’ll have to catch up to it twice to win. Once you have done so, another long scene will play and you will acquire the Sail cloth. Hop – or rather get pushed off the edge- and land in the circle below. Give it a couple tries if need be to get use to the free falling controls and then another scene will play.

Statue of the Goddess

After you wake up in your room and talk to the Headmaster, exit and follow the strange floating person on the stairs. Continue following her all the way to the goddess statue and then enter when the way is opened. Descend into it and get ready to press A an ample amount of times. Here you will get the Goddess Sword, meet Fi, and be told of just what the hell is going on. After some talking, walk forward and smack the symbol by targeting it and holding your sword to the sky. Slash at the symbol and then place the tablet in the space.

When you do, a hole in the clouds will appear for you to enter afterwards. After the next scene is over, you will be back in the academy and will finally have some clothes that are a little more fitting for Link. Go out of your room and you will also receive an Adventure Pouch from Fledge so that you can hold up to four items for now. When you exit the academy, talk to the Instructor to the right and he will give you a wooden shield for your travels.

Also be sure to stop by the Bazaar and talk to the woman at the potions stand to get an empty bottle. When you have done your shopping, head to a wooden platform on the edge of skyloft and take a running jump off the edge. Call you bird and then head for the green pillar of light that is located tot e south of Skyloft. Simply fly over it and you will be given the prompt to dive. Press down on the D-Pad and fall into the opening.

Sealed Grounds

Welcome to the surface world! You’ll begin in the Sealed Grounds and will need to head north to the temple there where a scene with a large beast will play. Once it is over, hop off the edges to reach the bottom of the pit and use your Skyward Strike to hit the spike in the center. Once you do, the air spouts around the area will open, allowing you to get back to the top easily. Ride them back to the top and to the door at the temple entrance that was locked.

It will now open allowing you to enter. When inside the temple go the right of the stairs to find a chest that will give you a revitalization potion, as well as let you use it as a second bottle when it is emptied. Head up the stairs to talk to the old woman there and after she teaches you how to use beacons, go through the door on the left. Follow the path and you will come to a Goron being surrounded by Bokoblins. Take them out to help him and he will explain the bird statues to you. Continue down the path to the log and roll it against the cliff. Hop up and continue forward to reach the Faron Woods.