Legend of Heroes III - hands-on

In the fights we had to fight for ourselves, so far, we've been hindered by a lack of options. Although characters have to actually move around on the battlefield, most battles have required nothing more than running across the field and hitting attack repeatedly until everything is dead.

After enough fighting, a character's charge meter will fill up, enabling him or her to unleash a devastating special attack that interrupts another fighter’s turn and adds some pizzazz to the fight. The ability to strategically unleash charge abilities combined with the single water spell and handful of healing abilities we have gives us hope that eventually the combat will become more complex. Thankfully, there are no random encounters, and most unwanted fights are easy enough to avoid by running past.  

Of course, the life of a troubadour isn't all about fighting; there are plenty of towns in which to play music and plenty of songs from which to choose - none of them to affect the gameplay, but we'll rock it just the same. The dialogue is straightforward, and it’s nice that the important people to talk to are marked with a red exclamation point, which speeds up the sometimes lengthy plot segments.

LoH3 's story is standard RPG stuff so far: collect resonance stones, travel from town to town, do good, etc. We’re guessing a dark power could reveal itself and give us something to use that legendary Water Melody on at some point. There are promising elements in the game, and we're hoping they pan out as the game progresses. We'll just have to remember not to erase our saved game before the review, so we don’t have to play through the whole beginning again.


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