Left 4 Dead's seven scariest moments

Blinded by the Boomer

It moves slow as a glacier and is effectively quite weak but the Boomer can be lethal. That's down to its vomitiferous projectile - a spew of gunk that sends all surrounding zombies on a killer beeline right for the poor unfortunate victim covered in the stuff.

See, you could take the game slowly, sensibly and kill enemies methodically, never breaking a sweat. But Left 4 Dead constantly pulls the rug out from under your best plans - especially so when you're hit by Boomer bile, or a dying Boomer explodes messily nearby, blinding you.

You back away desperately, trigger-finger twitching because you know that in seconds you'll be surrounded by zombos. Being blind, of course, you're just as likely to injure your teammates. So then they start to panic. Escalating fear and panic is what Left 4 Dead does best.

The Hunter is on... you!

Contrasting with the sloth of the Boomer, the Hunter is a horribly quick, leaping beast. Generally, you'll have no problem taking it out once you've seen it. The problem is when you don't see the Hunter. Which is often. On one 'last stand' occasion we'd cleared everywhere - we're sure we had - and had turned to return to the group, only for a Hunter to hurl itself onto us from behind, so fast we had no escape. You might sometimes think you're safe in Left 4 Dead, but really you're just waiting to be hunted.

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  • Forsakenday - April 16, 2009 10:39 p.m.

    My scariest moment was when I was playing with some friends on the No Mercy finale on Expert. We went up, and a Tank was up the hallway so I ran back to the safehouse while my teammates battled the Tank. Two of them dead, they said to me "Go, go help the last guy!" I go up only to find a flaming Tank pounding my teammate into the ground so then it starts chasing me. I run backwards and shoot at it with my auto shotty. I jump down the stairs and close the safehouse door. I say "Wow, that was freakin close." Then the Tank comes down the stairs, still on fire, and smashes the safehouse door down. I let out the loudest yell, almost pissing myself in disbelief and shock, my dead teammates laughing as I give my last effort to put it down. I did survive but ran up the stairs only to find a smoker waiting for me.
  • Braindog117 - February 23, 2009 2:29 a.m.

    Thinks guys im trying to get this game for by B Day so im hoping after my parents hear how good it is theyll buy it PS:First!!!!