Left 4 Dead in 2007

If you’re getting sick of ho-hum activities like planting bombs and capturing flags, then today’s news that the creators of Counter-Strike are developing Left 4 Dead, a co-op multiplayer game, might get your mercenary-for-hire juices flowing. Set for release on the PC sometime in 2007, Left 4 Dead will utilize the same sparkly Source engine that made Half-Life 2 look so fantastic, and will, according to Valve, "do for co-op games what Counter-Strike did for multiplayer games."

Not too much is known about Dead, although you can expect to choose from different player types with differing abilities. And we're guessing from this art that you may have a four-person team and you may fight zombies. Or something. We’ll keep you posted on Left 4 Dead, so keep dreaming of fighting those zombie terrorists in the meantime.

November 20, 2006


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