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How To Train Your Dragon is the latest animated film from the studio that brought us Shrek , and though this new teaser doesn't show us much (that's why they call it a teaser, fact fans), it certainly attracts our attention.

The plot follows a teenage Viking named Hiccup who doesn't fit so well into his tribe of dragon slaying kin, and when he befriends an injured dragon, decides to take a whole new approach to Viking-Dragon relations, with hilarious results.

Featuring the vocal stylings of Gerry Butler (who should have his own flavour of Ben & Jerry's; 'Cherry Butler'), Kristin Wiig, Jonah Hill, Christopher Mintz Plasse and Craig Ferguson and the film certainly has the pedigree to be successful...

But can it beat a certain Toy Story Trois? Let's face it, it's unlikely.



Well there you go, Dragons and stuff. We're looking forward to the full trailer, and seeing that fantastic cast in action. Also, Vikings plus Dragons equals awesome, so it should be one to watch.

Want to learn How To Train Your Dragon? Or saving your pennies for Toy Story The Third? Comment please



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