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Le Mans 24 Hours Cheats

  • Various Cheats

    Put in the following cheats for the Driver's Name
    ALLTHECARSNOW Get All Cars (In Arcade Mode)
    ALLTRACKSPLEASE All Tracks (Arcade Mode)
    LEMANSOFFERS Use Any GT1, GT2, etc in Lemans Mode
    ENDOFFERS All Championship Cars
    MAKEITPEASY Race Over 1 Lap in Lemans Mode, Others Cars Handicapped
    TOYOTA1999 Use Toyota Team
    1999AUDI Get Audi Concept Car
    19BMW99 Get BMW Concept Car
    DEBORALM Get Debora Racing Team
    DEBORACING Use Debora Racing Team in Lemans Mode
    1999CHEATCARS GT1 and GT2 Cars
    Submitted by None

    Enter "JACKPOT" as a name to see a swimsuit model during loading screens
    Submitted by Teresa Greene
  • Space race track

    Enter "NAIMAR" as a name.
    Submitted by Teresa Greene

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Available Platforms: PS1, PS2, PC