Lair and Heavenly Sword - what went wrong?

2) Controls
The motion-sensitive debate. When it works, it works really well. Just look at Wii Sports to see how motion-sensing control can add greatly to the gameplay experience. Even WarHawk's Sixaxis controls are ok, but - crucially - they're optional. Thing is, when motion control is done badly, it's terrible. And sadly, both Lair and, to a lesser extent, Heavenly Sword both incorporate dubious SixAxis control. But there's an option to switch them off and revert to the tried and tested analogue sticks, right? Not so for Lair. The game's message would appear to be: 'Having trouble flying a dragon? Deal with it.'

Above: Looks gorgeous, doesn't it? Shame it handles like a barn door with no hinges

What the critics said:
"Buy it if you want to justify all the thousands you spent on your PS3 and that 1080p HDTV you can see from the International Space Station. Don't buy it if you want a dragon that does what it's damn well told." - 1Up on Lair

"Although it feels rather fantastic when you wobble your pad to your target, it's horribly imprecise. After a few hours of struggling with it, we couldn't quite believe how much easier it was to control the direction with the analogue stick in comparison. Nice try, but no thanks." Eurogamer on Heavenly Sword

"A quick jerk vertically is supposed to make your dragon do a 180-degree turn, but that only seemed to work about three-quarters of the time. Either the controller did not read the motion or the game’s AI decided to ignore the command." - Gamezone

"You shouldn't play Lair. Not unless you have some morbid interest in experiencing what is quite possibly one of the worst control schemes ever devised." - Gamespot on Lair

"The people behind the solid reinvention of Warhawk chose - in their kindness, and in their wisdom - to let the player decide if they want to wrangle their flight gameplay via Sixaxis or the analog sticks, a move that'll prove prescient." - Penny-arcade on Lair

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