L.A. Noire vehicle achievement guide

Note: These are vehicles that appear during plot missions. Many of them are the default car for the current desk you're working at so you can't miss them. The rest of themusually appear at crime scenes, so keep your eyes peeled. Pay particular attention to the International PoliceWagon as it only appears duringat the beginningof "The Studio Secretary Murder" case.

Buick Super

Cadillac Series 62 Convertible

Chevrolet Coroner’s Van

Chevrolet Fleetmaster Police

Ford Police Special

Hudson Commodore

International Police Wagon

Tip: During the case entitled "The Studio Secretary Murder" there is one at the initial railway crime scene that you can drive. Make sure to use it before you talk to Jameson as it will leave after he’s been interviewed. If you miss it you can replay the mission and grab it.

Nash Super 600

Studebaker Commander Police