Kristen Stewart may be An American Girl

James Woods has been talking up a film that he wants to make his directorial debut with - tough drama An American Girl - which he wants Kristen Stewart to star in.

Comingsoon got him to open up a little about it while on the set of the Straw Dogs remake, and it sounds like Woods - and also possibly Stewart - is pretty gung ho about the project.

The film follows a freewheeling young woman, fresh out of high school who causes a scandal in her small Indiana town after she's filmed in a lurid sex act.

Shamed and depressed, she enlists in the Marines and starts to sober up and re-think her life as she trains to be an Arabic speaking soldier. But tragedy strikes while she's serving overseas, and she returns home to rebuild her life once more.

Written by Tim Metcalfe and Sean McCarthy, the film is, according to Woods, "a phenomenal story and a slam-dunk Oscar for her." He apparently approached the actress before her fame exploded with Twilight and she's already spent a few days developing the script with him and the writing team.

So while Stewart's not yet committed to the film, it sounds like something she's definitely interested in. Maybe she can sneak it in between the next 37 Twilight films…

[Source: Comingsoon ]

Does this sound like something Stewart should tackle? Will Twihards flock or avoid such a tough story?


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