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Knockout Kings Cheats, Codes & Guides

Knockout Kings Cheats

  • Easy knockdown

    Fill your meter, then press R + L + A or B to knockdown your opponent regardless of whether he is blocking.
    Submitted by Clifton Roberson
  • Easy training

    Select "Offense" in training mode. Then, use the following moves to hit the blue opponent: Down + A, Down + A, Down
    + B, Down + B. Repeat until he has been hit thirty times.
    Submitted by Clifton Roberson
  • Easy Training 2 (No pressing any buttons)

    Go to the options screen and choose controller configeration. Once in there, press right and that should turn the auto blocking thing on. Exit options and go to your match. Pick training and pick "defense"
    Then start the practice round by pressing "A".
    After that you dont have to press any buttons until the full 30 seconds are done.
    Submitted by Juan Enriquez
  • Big Gloves

    Big Glove Mode
    During game play pause the game and press the yellow C buttons in this order:
    up, down, up, up, down. you should hear the bell ring five times to confirm that you've activated this mode. Repeat these exact steps to de-activate.
    Submitted by roughnek (
  • Big Heads

    While playing press start and use the c buttons left right left left right. You should hear the bell go off.
    Submitted by REBEL 3:16

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