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Klingon Honor Guard Cheats, Codes & Guides

Klingon Honor Guard Cheats

  • Various Cheats

    Go to the console by pressing ~ then type the following:

    ALLAMMO = all ammo and guns
    FL = flying mode
    GHOST = walk through walls
    GOD = God mode
    INVISIBLE = invisible
    KILLPAWNS = kills all monsters
    WALK = turns off GHOST or FLY
    SLOMO # = slow or speed up the game
    SUMMON # = where # is weapon name--lets you add a weapon or an item to the world
    PLAYERSONLY = freezes time on/off
    OPEN # = where # is map name--jump to any map
    BEHINDVIEW 1 = third-person perspective
    BEHINDVIEW 0 = restores default perspective
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  • Play as Data

    Entry location: During the game levels press tab or ~ key to write a code.
    (type: summon federation data)

    Then your klingon self will change into Data with federation weapons and then you will have new klingon honor guard levels.
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